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Stop Press: Read about Pojar - Mayor of Jucu

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12/11/2011 by email from duval_grup@yahoo.com

"I dont really think it was a very smart thing to do by implementing this website and I dont understand how is this in your benefit.

Anyway there are more important things to do in order for you to get your apartment and we should try to spend our time not making website and solving our common matter.

Think twice before you go any further.

I expect your plan in order to fix our damaged relationship."

Radu Andresan

Current Court Cases against Radu Andresan

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What the buyers at Jucu Should have received from Radu Andresan:

jucu - what buyers should have got from Radu Andresan

What Mr Radu Andresan has delivered after 4 YEARS... MORE PICS in the FORUM

jucu - what Mr Andresan delivered



If you are confused - this explains the relationships mentioned in the forums

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Radu Andresan Bank Draft 500,000 Euros